Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am not happy with your current situation with the Saints organization. I think you are a great player, probably better than Charles Grant. Ya know, the guy that gets paid a lot of money for doing the same thing that you do. Actually, I think he makes more than you. Anyway. You seem like a pretty intelligent and nice guy. I agree that you deserve more money and that what you currently make in relation to what other players of your caliber at your position are making in the league is little. I believe you have the right to think "if everyone else is getting paid, than so should I." That is the culture of this league, and if everyone else gets paid these large contracts, than so should you. I will spare you from the "I can't believe how much athletes get paid when there is so much need in Post-Katrina New Orleans" diatribe.

But my problem is this, Will. You are still under contract! You should still be participating in team activities. Even if they are voluntary, it doesn't send a good message to your teammates or your fans. I was a little worried when Reggie Bush was splitting time between New Orleans and L.A. and missing OTA's last year. I don't want to start doubting you. Quit acting like a baby, Will! Get your ass into work. We ALL want and think we deserve more money. Except most of us most likely won't get it. At least not in the next year. But you will. Someone will pay you. Get some perspective.

You know your good (otherwise you wouldn't pull this stunt). So lets see it! This is gonna be a great year. Grant will be healthy. New faces McCray, Vilma, Morgan and Gay are all here to help. And by the looks of it, we may get some help on the inside at the draft. You HAVE to show the Saints and everyone else in the league what you can do. If you don't play well, nobody in the league is gonna want you. Whoever does won't offer you that big contract. And thats how we got into this whole situation to begin with, isn't it?

I'm fairly confident if you play well, Mickey and Mr. Benson will take care of you. Well Mickey anyway. This city loves you, and you say you love us. We all want the same thing. So just cool it, get back to work with your team, play hard, try to get us a championship, and have patience and faith that you will get what you deserve.

Coach Payton


Anonymous said...

you are = you're

How can Smith show up without a renegotiation when every other decent saints player gets the renegotiation much earlier than this? Also, NFL contracts are meaningless.

Dave said...

Thank you for the correction!

And I agree with your comment.