Friday, April 4, 2008

SB Nation's Mock Draft

Well its mock draft season. For those of you who don't know what a mock draft is-though I think its pretty self explanatory-it's basically a simulation of what the draft will look like as far as which teams will take which players. It's sometimes done by one person, sometimes by multiple people, all of whose expertise range from NFL insiders to thirty-something losers in their mother's basements. SB Nation has their own version which I think is pretty good. It's different because the individual bloggers for each team make the selections for their team. This means instead of one or a handful of people pretending to know who every team is going to pick, the picks are made by individual team experts who only focus on THEIR team. That's GOTTA be better, right?

So who did the Saints pick in the first round of SB Nation's mock draft?

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie from Tennessee State.

I'm okay with the pick. Especially since LB Keith Rivers, DT's Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis and CB Leodis McKelvin were already off the board.

You can check out an interview with DRC (that's what all the cool kids are calling him) here at NFL Draft Countdown.

And again, I urge you check out SB Nation's mock draft and keep up with it. Cool stuff!

Some possibly exciting news for those Deuce lovers out there. Rotoworld reported a story from NFL network saying Larry Holder believes Deuce will still be a Saint in 2008, though he may have to take a pay cut. I believe that Deuce would take a pay cut, but I have no idea how substantial these rumors are. It sounds like pure speculation to me and just one persons opinion, so keep that in mind.

And finally, the Saints announced that they are ready to start selling tickets to season ticket holders (that's me!!) for the game in London on October 26th. I noticed we had a few votes by people who are planning to attend. I think that's great. I am highly jealous. Here is all the necessary information from the official Saints website. Looks like they have put together a few different packages that include hotel, transportation, parties etc. which I think is pretty ingenious.

Anyone in the Saints organization who may be reading this, I would be glad to go to do some Saints and New Orleans PR if you wanted to send me.

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