Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Open Thread: Who Will the Saints Pick in the Second Round?

With so much attention going to the first round of the draft, I think we should talk about who the Saints will choose with the 40th overall pick in the second round. Pretty good players can just as easily come out of the second round. Hell, REALLY good players can come out of the seventh round (see: Marques Colston).

  • It would stand to reason that whoever the Saints pick in the first round will affect what they will do in the second.
  • If they go LB in the first round, than they will go either DT or CB in the second round.
  • If they go DT first, than they will go...well, you get the idea.
  • Some of the names that have been getting thrown around are DT Kentwan Balmer, DT Dre Moore, DT Trevor Laws, CB Patrick Lee and LB Curtis Lofton
  • Finally, always remember Payton is a strong believer in the "best available" school of thought, so don't be surprised if he goes with a punter in the second round. Kidding...kinda.
Who do you think it will be? I'm opening this one up to the floor.


Anonymous said...

Once slated as a top-10 selection and now often omitted from several first round mock drafts is Kenny Phillps, S Miami. If he manages to slide to 40, I think we should definitely draft him. Everyone has read about how he is in the mold of Sean Taylor (RIP) and Ed Reed, and while I think that is a bit far fetched, it is not necessarily entirely untrue. He can flat out play, and would be a imposing presence in the secondary that the Saints haven't had since......Sammy Knight?

Anonymous said...

I believe we should take Ali Highsmith

Anonymous said...

Nothing like some good old LSU homerism. Did you see the time that sloth posted in the 40 at the combine? Give me a break, he doesn't deserve to go first day.