Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving on Up!!!

To the east side. To that deluxe website on the net.

Alright BNG faithful, this should serve as the final post on this site for a while.

"Why?" you ask. Because we've moved to SB Nation.

My new site is now CanalStreetChronicles.com!

The lovely people at SB Nation have been keeping their eye on me for a bit and have decided to take a chance on me. I know, "What the hell are they thinking?"

In all seriousness though, if you have really liked what you have seen here, just click on over. You can bookmark it or add it to your feed. You'll have to sign up to comment or participate, but I am telling you, its worth it. SB Nations gets way more traffic and is well respected in the online sports community. It will be way more fun, and members get to write their own mini-blogs, called Diaries. The site will be updating its format this summer, so the site will have a completely different feel (check out one of the baseball sites to see the new look). So if you have liked what you have read thus far, come fly with me. Thank you for your interest in the site, and I hope you keep up with me on the other side.