Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NFL Owners Meeting Update

Day 1 of the NFL owners meeting wrapped up today in Palm Beach, FL. (what an awful place for a bunch of rich guys to have a meeting). There were a few key issues that were discussed at the meetings. John Clayton has a recap in this article, and that article.

The salary cap issue:
By far the most important and long-lasting issue being discussed. Basically, there is the possibility that the NFL may become a no salary cap league. What does this mean? It means NFL owners would be able to pay as much OR as little for players as they want. It could cause disparity in the league if some teams try to "buy" a championship by paying lots of money for lots of good players.

Commissioner Roger Goodell fears this possibility, and warns,
"I think owners in pro sports start to understand that you can't buy championships. You have to be very cautious. It's something that's very difficult to do. You build a team, particularly in the NFL, it's so important to build through the draft, to have the team concept, 22 players plus special teams contributors. I'm concerned, but it's not something I think is realistic in football."

If this happens, their could also be a backlash from the players. Getting rid of the cap means you get rid of a league minimum salary as well. Which means owners could pay their players as LITTLE as they want and lead to a lousier "on-field product." The players would NOT be happy about that.

"Players have threatened a possible work stoppage in 2011 should owners opt out of the current deal."

Owners have until November to opt out and choose to lose the salary cap.
For all the details, check out the Times-Pic article.

The million dollar question remains, What does this mean for the Saints?
It could hurt us because we do NOT have as much money to throw around as some of the other teams. Furthering the gap would be the fact that Tom Benson is a cheap ass.

The hair issue:
I already discussed this in a previous post, but no decision will be made until May.

The microphone issue:
The lobbying effort by coaches to be able to communicate directly with their defensive captains the same way a quarterback can receive play calls has finally paid off.

"Defensive coaches now will have the ability to put radio speakers in two helmets, but only one of those helmets will be allowed on the field on a given play."

The playoff seeding issue:
"Goodell and the competition committee are pushing a new re-seeding formula for the playoffs in which wild-card teams can get home games over division winners with worse records."
Doesn't look like this is gonna happen though. I heard Scott Fujita on the radio today saying he didn't want to see this happen.

I will keep everyone updated as important decisions are made.

Since this post is about the owners meeting, what better way to leave off than with pictures of New Orleans fans showing their love for their favorite NFL owner.

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Great news about letting a def. player have an earpeice. No more cheating by New England.

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