Monday, April 7, 2008

Our "Other" First Round Pick

A brilliant, over the shoulder catch along the endzone sideline for a touchdown against Buffalo. That's really the only glimpse of WR Robert Meachem, the only 2007 first round draft pick to not play a single down, we saw last season. Saints fans have but a few pre-season performances to gauge his talent and skill. And even then its not truly accurate, as the level of play during those games are NOT on par with their regular season counterparts.

Last summer he dealt with a knee injury that kept him limited through mini-camp and training camp. He never had a chance to get to full NFL speed, impress coaches, and show off what he could do. By the time he was healthy enough, it was too late for the Saints to take a chance on playing him. This season he is expected to battle for the third WR position. The Times-Pic had an article about a week ago updating us on Meachem.

Since this season will be the first time we see what he can do (and we will see. oh yes...we will see. we payed him first rounder money), this is informally his rookie year. The Saints "other" rookie for 2008. Yet he remains an enigma. Maybe there are more great catches in his repertoire. Maybe he will team up with Marques Colston and become the Twin Towers of Terror (I can dream, can't I? they do have similar body types). Or maybe the naysayers are correct and he will go the way of Johnathan Sullivan in 2003...a big bust and a big drain on our payroll.

Whichever way you lean on this thriller, you definitely have an opinion, so let's here it! What should we expect from Mr. Meachem this season?

Here are his college stats and scouting report from last year. No point in posting his NFL stats.

And here is a quick video of Meachem seeing his rookie card for the first time.

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