Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Falcons Blog Interview. Blogerview? Interblog?

In an effort to make this blog all that it can be, I decided to reach out to other bloggers from other teams and see what they would have to say about their respective teams. Dave, over at TheFalcoholic.com, part of SBnation.com (great site), took the time to answer some of my questions about the upcoming season.
I know, I know. You're probably yelling at me...The FALCONS!?!? But like it or not, we play them twice every season and I am all about the tradition of rivalries.

Here is what we discussed:

Where do you think your team will go in the first round of this years draft?
The Falcons will likely go offensive or defensive line in the first round. Our most critical need is probably offensive tackle, so I would expect to see the team look long and hard at Jake Long if he's there. If he gets selected, the Falcons will be shooting for Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis next to fill a major need at defensive tackle. Despite the opinions of every expert this side of the Rockies, I can't say I see new GM Thomas Dimitroff staking his tenure on Matt Ryan.

The last place team of the NFC South has gone on to win the division the following year for about 5 years now. Should we be scared of you?
I'd be lying if I told you to fear us. We're like a box full of kittens, or a nest full of baby birds, or the Dolphins: completely and totally helpless. A good draft will go a long way toward making us respectable, but it won't be next year. The Falcons will be lucky to finish with 6 wins in what should be a tougher division next year. I'd be pretty encouraged by six, actually.

Who will be your starting QB this year?
The Falcons will begin the year with Chris Redman as the starter, barring an injury. He was en fuego once he came in to start last year, and the Falcons have nothing to lose by tossing him into the fire. If he falters, the Falcons will turn to Joey Harrington, D.J. Shockley and whatever second or third round rookie QB they turn up in the draft. I see no reason why Redman shouldn't start the year with the Falcons.

Do you feel Falcon fans are over the whole Vick thing? Are you worried about it being a distraction again when he gets released?
The feelings with Vick are still very raw. At the risk of quoting both Godfather and Bill Simmons, Vick is basically dead to me now. As a Falcons fan, I have a lot more pressing things to worry about than someone who isn't really a member of the team anymore. When he gets released some fans will scramble for him again, but I say to hell with that noise. Vick had a chance with this franchise and proved to be an incredible athlete and someone who was involved in a reprehensible enterprise. The Falcons can move along without him.

Thanks again to Dave for being so friendly and professional. I hate the Falcons just a little less now. Hopefully we will be checking in with him from time to time in the future.

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