Monday, April 7, 2008

Glenn, and Rivers and Bush. Oh My!

Alright! Actually some news to talk about today...

First up, Saints sign CB Aaron Glenn. Here is the Times-Pic article. In my opinion, this isn't really such a big deal or anything to get excited about. He's as old as the hills, and he has not been very productive as of late. He only played 5 games last year. Glenn is a journeyman (now his fifth team in 14 years), which means he's got some experience. I don't think he is going to be the panacea this team needs to stop those long pass plays that haunted us all last year, but his maturity and experience could help our younger DB's like Harper, Young and whoever we draft (we will probably get at least one DB in the draft). Check out his stats and form your own opinion.

In other news...The Times-Pic FINALLY got in on the mock draft action and released their first round list. I've got that Their pick...(drum-roll)...USC LB Keith Rivers. They give their explanation in this article (man, they were busy down at the TP today, huh?).
After having seen DT Sedrick Ellis and Rivers at USC's pro day they think Ellis is too good to still be available and they think Rivers WILL be available and too good to pass up. What about DRC (CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, for those of you NOT in the know) you ask? He slips to the Cardinals at the 16th spot. Why? Because the writers at the Times-Pic know what I have been screamin' the last two weeks...

"...that's one thing we've always known about the Saints -- they love that best athlete available."

Rivers, I think everyone agrees, is the better player at his position and seems to be more of a sure thing than DRC.

The people at the Times-Pic also mentioned we could see a trade up to get DT's Ellis or Dorsey, or a trade down with possibly the Eagles for Lito Sheppard. THERE'S an idea (more on that in a bit).

But what light has all of this info from the Times-Pic shined on the draft situation?

Absolutely none. We still have no idea what the Saints are gonna do. There are still a lot of possibilities. And no one seems to know a damn thing (isn't this fun kids).

This bloggers opinion:

  • Ellis or Dorsey if either amazingly slipped down (not likely) or they trade up.
  • Then Rivers if he's still available. I know what your thinking..."But we just got Vilma and Morgan at LB, why get another one?" BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE! (why do you think we got Meachem the year after we had the best receiving corps in the league) We got help at CB too with Gay and now Glenn, so either way, the Saints would be doubling up on talent. And in a draft deep with DB talent, maybe we could take our chances in the second round.
  • If Rivers is gone, than I suggest THIS with the Eagles for Sheppard, and pick up, say, DT Kentwan Balmer with the 19th pick. That leaves us with an improved secondary, an improved LB corp and improvement on the inside of the line. We haven't made any improvements on the D-line this season, so this would give us all around improvement. Huh? What do you think?
You guys agree? Love to hear what you think!

One other article to throw at ya'. This one. And it comes aaaaaallllllll the way from Helena, Montana. Why the hell they are talking about Reggie Bush I have NO idea, but god bless them. They've obviously got good taste up there! Anyway, to sum it up, it basically says Reggie needs to be more like Brian Westbrook. Okay. Sounds good to me. We all know about his selfless kneel down on the goal line last season. I love that stuff!


Anonymous said...

Good article, but I disagree with a couple things. For one, regarding your argument about the Saints always selecting the BPA, and backing it up by saying we took Meachem despite having "the best receiving corps in the league". I think we were far from it. I think our WR's were actually pretty weak and overlooked. The only legit starter we had at that position was Colston, and even he wasn't a sure thing due to having only played a year(plus coming off an injury). I think Brees made our WR corps look a whole hell of alot better than they really were, and I think that WR was definitely a need position going into the '07 draft.

Secondly, you mentioned we've done nothing to strengthen our DL this offseason. Did you mean DT? If not, what about Bobby McCray? I've got a buddy who's a Jags fan that thinks we got an absolute steal there, and I've heard writers mention similar things. I think he'll really help keep our DE's fresh, and can come into replace Grant for those few plays he seems to take off every damn game.

Love the blog, just had to clear those two items up.

Dave said...


Thank you for your comment. Always appreciated.

Addressing your first point, I shouldn't have said THE best receiving corp. I should have said ONE of the best. And we were.

That is a link to Football Outsiders, who has us listed as the 4th best pass offense in the league in 2006. A lot of that was because of Brees, but regardless, there were guys on the other end of those passes making catches. And in a year when our defense was nowhere near as good...

...I think with the first pick in the draft we had more pressing needs than a WR. So I would have to attribute their taking Meachem as them thinking he was the BPA. If you still disagree, fair enough, I respect that.

To your second point, YES, I did make a mistake. I am well aware of Bobby McCray and I am excited about us getting him, and I actually discuss that on my new blog...

If you enjoy this blog, please come over to my new home, Canal Street Chronicles. It is going to be much better, and the whole communitey and great! Sign up and keep participating. We always appreciate active readers like yourself!